Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tourist guide


You are wondering why I greet in French? Easy. I am home at my parents who live in France. Despite only a short weekend I enjoy every single minute of it, even another fallback to illness.
But I am not alone here: two friends from university accompanied me in order to visit the famous Geneva Automobile Fair and so we combined my family stay with their big wish. They went there on Friday - returning fascinated - while I was in my former school to hold a presentation about my university. Yesterday we all three went to the city where I was the perfect organised tourist guide, so we took some great shots from all over.
Old Town
Old Town II
Besides my home stay, my week was rather a disaster. I was unable to do anything because my head was full of thoughts about upcoming dead lines. All these stressful thoughts made me incapable to motivate myself and ended up in doing rather nothing. This means of course, that I now have a huge pile of things on my desk when coming back (let me tell you so far, that next week more deadlines and to-dos will make things worse. That I already know).
So what did I do instead of working intensively for university? Well, I had my first ice cream, I played soccer, I cooked another Potato Spinach Gratin and went partying Wednesday night. Some of my activities already reveal that weather turned a lot better - spring feelings - but actually it will be getting colder again next week. Although a fan of cold temperatures, I long to leave my winter coat in the closet and change it to my simple jacket. Don't you?

We are now preparing to leave soon, so I need to leave you now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have great week! Bisous!
Potato Spinach Gratin
Winter Soccer
Winter Walk

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