Sunday, 24 February 2013

Time Management

Good morning my dears,

Although my agenda is pretty full at the moment, I need this Sunday morning ritual to relax and calm down. Actually I would miss a lot not writing to you weekly and making thoughts about life and happenings. So let's go for another round.

After a quite annoying illness that lasted a couple of days, it wasn't very surprising that a bunch of to-dos created skyscraper piles on my desk: research for this topic, research for that topic, project plan for diverse projects, homework and revisions from last semester. Not to forget about all the social life that has to be cared about, too.

In the end I used this weekend to finish a presentation about modern budgeting methods (boring) with a friend that is only due in mid-April. But regarding our future dead lines we decided to put this forward to have this work out of mind. I see myself as a very good time manager and advice: note down all dead lines, set priorities and do some shifting. Proper time management helps so much, is a pain reliever and allows you to celebrate your work as we did yesterday night, drinking cocktails. And to even improve it, I got a scooter that allows me to be on campus within 5 minutes.
Cocktails and Finger food = Love
Besides my bunch of work, I spent most of the nights at home in order to risk no fall-back of illness. Instead I took the time to try a new recipe - Ginger Carrot Soup - and have a talk with my flatmates eating Lasagne.
Ginger Carrot Soup
Self-made Lasasgne
Next week will be as busy as this one, but I am however looking forward to it because we have some great events coming up. Thus I would like you to  be my reader next week. All the best!

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