Sunday, 17 February 2013

Who are you? What have you sacrificed?

Good morning,

The last two days I have spent in my darkened room while lying emotionless in my bed: I am ill. Feverish and with a cold I keep watching TV and diverse movies, like Breaking Dawn II. And only because our heating broke down by the beginning of the week and average temperature was by 14°C for a couple of days. Consequently my flatmate got infected, too.

Nevertheless I had a pretty fun week that included a house party, a dinner with friends, a pub crawl, first choir rehearsal (with a great Andrew Lloyd Webber medley) and a lunch that became a friend's and my weekly routine. Here are some snapshots.
Even healthiest food doesn't protect you from illness: Fish & Broccoli
House Party - full table
Where I complained about too much time last Sunday, I reverse this opinion immediately: a French essay about my internship, an English essay about new technologies, a presentation about modern budgeting theories, an essay about risk management and 2 projects where I am leader in both. One about a new strategy for our university canteen and the other about a benchmarking project for enchanting travels. All due in April. So no complaints about spare time, I will need it!

Enough talk for today: I will stay in bed and try to get even more recovered. This week I focus on university work and some revisions. What are your plans for the week?

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