Sunday, 21 October 2012

Releasing endorphins

Happy Sunday!
Castle's walk
I truly wondered longtime what I could post today and rewrote this post dozen times.
On Tuesday night after a successful day at work (first project finished!) I walked home for an hour in beautiful sunshine and relatively warm temperatures. I felt so happy, especially because my Mom dropped in the night before and will come back in a few hours to spend another two days with me. Friday afternoon I got even more positive feedback at work, we there celebrated two birthdays with delicious apple cake and I finished the night having dinner with a friend.
Arriving back home I talked to my Spanish room mates then. It was the first time that we had some serious discussions: They are here because of the crisis and looking for some jobs. Even with full bachelor and master studies they don't find any and are getting nervous as their savings begin to shrink more and more. It was then that I realized how much I am blessed with my life. So far, everything went quite well, I always had options to live my life and had never to fear that there is a point screwing my plans.

Before only talking about personal and social issues, I want to shift the topic to notes on my smartphone that I have been scribbling for a while now. I compiled a few ideas I want to write about and will start with one of them today.

One note was "Karl Lagerfeld". Admittedly, I am not an expert in fashion or design but nevertheless he is one of my favourite designers. On one hand I have been liking Chanel's styles for years, on the other hand I watched a few reports about Lagerfeld himself. In those he appears sympathic and honest - of course with a certain disposedness to creative crazyness that is absolutely allowed in his metier. Thank you Karl for your inspiration.

I love the black jacket in 0:42 and the adorable black dress in 0:51. So classy!

Well, this is all I can tell you today. The upcoming week will be more filled with some plans I can talk about. Enjoy your Sunday and the next week, thank you for reading.

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  1. yeah it really is a lovely jacket :)
    Love Lois xxx