Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sweet week

My dear readers, a little story for the beginning: 
Once upon a time I read this post on Emily's blog. I have never tasted such a cake but instantly resolved to do so or even to bake one myself when time goes by.
The next day I went to my favourite cafe where a large choice of cakes is offered. Before stepping in, I already saw the cakes arranged on the cupboard and there it was: the berry-meringue pie. Without hesitation I ordered the high cake and felt like heaven on earth with the first bite. Well, it wasn't exactly Emily's pie, but it was kind of the same. What a coincidence.
Berry-Meringue Pie
As promised last week, I owe you an appendix to the Oktoberfest. I had a blast of a time because I met 20 of my college colleagues. After having exchanged thousands of stories (4 months seem like forever!), we spent more than 12 hours in of the festival tents'. Although being extremely tired in between, we all stayed the course - luckily I only drank little beer, in order to benefit from Munich the next day. Despite all the fun I would recommend a reservation the next time because it is far enough to enter the tent at "only" 5 PM.
Oktoberfest Impressions
The majority of the week was rather busy due to a lot of work in the office. On one hand I appreciate the trust towards my capabilities and I am proud that I get so much responsibility, on the other hand I feel very much exhausted by the end of the day. The fatigue hinders me doing sports at night, instead I read easy literature or watch non-sense TV shows. But I think, I deserve days like that - especially when we have those windy and rainy autumn days. Or as yesterday - I cooked some soy spinach and rice. Check out the easy and fast recipe here:

Fresh spinach
White mushrooms
Fresh Ginger slices
Soy Sauce & Sweet Chili Sauce
 Cook the rice as indicated. When the rice needs to cook another 6 minutes, heat a pan and give a spoon of soy sauce into it. When the sauce gets hot, add some mushrooms. Then heat some water in an extra pot and cook the spinach leafs for 2 minutes before cooling them down in a bowl with ice water. Put the spinach into the pan, add more soy sauce and top the mixture with ginger slices. Serve the rice with the spinach and top the dish with a little bit of sweet chili sauce.
Bon Appetit
I would like to end with a quick fact that I absorbed while being on the way to work:
The 9th of October in 1701 the English colony Connecticut founded a college which is now Yale University. Since I love watching Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl, I dream of graduating in this prestigious school with a master degree. Who says that blogs don't provide useful information?

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