Sunday, 19 August 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow

Dear followers, 

Guess where I am sitting?
In my new apartment in Duesseldorf. Surprise! Surprise! How I came here? Let me tell you the whole story today...

This week started off with our flight back to Europe. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep a single second while we were crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore I was extremely tired back in Geneva at my parents’ and went to bed at 7 PM Monday night. Probably my way was the best to avoid any jet lag and I had no problem finding my rhythm again. 

The couple of days I spent in Geneva were primarily dominated by having a lot of fun with friends: swimming, hanging out at the lake, BBQ, lunch, shopping, talking. One of them leaves for Shanghai next week and I wish him all the best because he doesn’t know what culture shock will face him. 

After only a short stay at my parents’, I went to Duesseldorf on Friday night, slept over at some friends and eventually moved in yesterday. Let me tell you that it was a long and tiring day.
Yes, I had a good friend as help. Yes, I had only “some” boxes and no furniture to carry as I rented a furnished room. But yes, it also had 35°C. And yes, everything had to be carried into the 5th floor, without elevator of course.
So please imagine us do to all that! After this exercise we left everything as it was and head to the city to get some distraction. I must say, that I like Duesseldorf from the first moment. Finally I can live in a real city.
However my real work began last night as I had to put everything out of the boxes. Unfortunately I didn’t meet any of my flat mates which made work a little bit more difficult because I had no idea where I could find a vacuum cleaner for example. And I need one desperately because my predecessor seemed to be dirty. Nevertheless I started – equipped with a broom at least – and put everything the way I liked most, although space is limited and furniture quite cheap. 

Today I want to benefit from this incredibly good weather before I start my internship tomorrow morning. This is the cause why I find myself in Duesseldorf and I am really looking forward to it.
About my first week, my flat mates (oh by the way: there are 4 of them and I think most of them are men because I found a lot of man stuff in the shower. And no, I don’t have a clue who they could be), my experiences, my fight against the warm weather, and so on and on – all this next Sunday.
So long, all the best.

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