Sunday, 12 August 2012

End of the story. Or the trip.

Another and the last hello from my trip!
Never would I dare to jump!
I can't believe that it's my last hours in the US. I have spent three weeks of wonderful events and impressions alothough there were few tensions in the family (especially towards the end).
Nevada Falls
Let me tell you something about my last week: We started off at Yosemite National Park where we did a lot of hiking and I once did some horseback riding. It was actually the first time in my life on a horse and I had a blast, though my but hurt a little... evetually we also visited the huge Sequoia trees!
Some Golden Gate Bridge
After four days in the forest we hit the road towards San Francisco and after a long time in nature I was rather grateful to see a city again. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed as I have never seen so many homeless people in a city. Despite the homeless, San Francisco has a lot of charme: Edwardian colourful houses, hills, the Pacific Ocean, Golden Gate bridge (that I only "saw" in fog), Ferry Building, ... and we were even lucky with the weather due to three days of unbeatable sunshine (not at the bridge obviously). But however, I didn't fall totally in love with the city as others do. Maybe it was also because of our apartment which was actually nice but in the slightly deteriorated district of mission. 
One day we went to Silicon Valley,  in search of google, facebook and Apple. Linked to these impressive companies we visited Standford Univsersity, one of the most beautiful universities on world. Why not doing my master degree here? I shoulld ask Mom and Dad for some financial support :)
Famous Alamo Square
Cable Car
Can you see curvy Lombard Street?
To make an overall evaluation of my three weeks I need a little more distance. Hopefully I can judge next week. Speaking of next week, I am absolutely looking forward to it. Though, it might be a little stressful - that I will explain to you then. Enjoy your week, I have now to leave for SFO.
Bye bye West Coast.

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