Sunday, 17 June 2012


The weather queered my pitch in the beginning: there was nothing else to do but to watch Gossip Girl, the French tennis tournament Roland Garros (at least my favourite Nadal won) and the European Soccer Championship. And to delete "friends" on facebook.
But then suddenly, the sky cleared off and I could put my plans into action: Two days of sunshine enabled me to go to the lake and to watch the yearly regatta with houndreds of sailing boats, an event I have never attended to before.
Finally I also got booked for a theatre play in my old school to do hair and make up. As each year I had a lot of fun preparing the actors for their big moment and could put strong make up that underlined their expressions. The play itself was phenomenal, so that I felt a little guilty and sad that I wasn't on the stage.

While being at home, a tedious habit came back: Snacking between the meals although I am not hungry at all. Then I grab for whatever in the fridge just to overcome boredom. Is that normal? Do you have any tips for eviting that vice?
I can only hope that it becomes better when I start my one month internship next week. Oh, sorry, it occurs tu me that I haven't mentioned it yet to you. It takes place in a pharmaceutical company where I will support the event marketing team. I am looking forward for this job and will tell you more about within the next weeks.
Weekly market
Make Up Artist
Stunning regatta at the lake
New Dress - Coral silk - Kookaï (Paris)
Last Sunday my Dad cooked a meal and I helped him preparing it. Suddenly the idea popped up to additionally cook some dessert, so we tried this simple recipe with basic ingredients: a cherry clafoutis.

500 g cherries (without stones)
30 g icing sugar
3 tsp cherry brandy
4 eggs
1/2 vanilla bean
80 g sugar
150 g flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 l of milk

First of all top the cherries with the icing sugar as well as the cherry brandy and put them aside for one hour. In the meanwhile stir the eggs with the sugar until you get a foamy pastry. Add salt and the vanilla afterwards. Now fold the flour and the milk into. Choosing an appropriate buttered form (attention: the pastry proves), fill in one third of the pastry. Then layer the cherries above before layering the rest of the pastry. Bake the clafoutis 40-45 minutes at 180°C. In order to serve, spread some extra icing sugar on top of it. In contrast to the hot clafoutis, serve it with cold vanilla ice cream. Bon app├ętit!

Cherries, icing sugar and cherry brandy
Pastry: eggs, sugar, vanilla, milk, flour, salt
Cherry clafoutis

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