Sunday, 10 June 2012

Paris, my love

Good morning everyone,

After a wonderful week in Paris I am back at my parents' in Geneva where I will stay the next month. Here are some photos I took while being in the French capital.

Versailles castle at dusk
Arc de Triomphe
Paris on bike
Bank with touristic stand
Reading in Parc Monceau
What about a flat up here?
View from the lovely Parisian apartment
Each time I am in Paris, I am stunned by the beauty of the city. I hope that the pictures reflect my impressions. As you can see I haven't taken many pictures of the typical attractions because I wanted to get to know my friend's neighbourhood better. From former visits I already know the touristic places well, so that we concentrated more on hidden spots in the city. But if you are up to go Paris, just drop me a short comment because I can give you some really nice tips far away from tourists.
This time I went to lunch and dinner with some real Parisian girls (no, they don't eat a lot), spent a nice night out in Versailles, did some shopping and toured through the city on a bike.

My relocation is also done. Everything fit into the car (admittedly, it was little space left) and is now stored at some friends' place. The move also gave me the opportunity to visit my grandmother who is in a delicate state of mind. But I was glad to see her again, so we had some coffee together.

Now beeing back with my parents is a little awkward because I have been living alone for nearly a year now. Upcoming week I will meet some friends as well as I need to look for an apartment in Duesseldorf (any suggestions?). I just want to benefit from my free time.

I wish you a great week and hope to see you next Sunday.

P.S. Probably you have recognized that my photos are all "effected". This is not only because I am a friend of Instagram but also because my camera quality is really bad. As far as I get a new camera, my pictures will be presented in a normal shape. Promised!

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