Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shoes & Fruit Mix

Happy Sunday everyone!

It is nearly noon, I know, but I needed a lazy sunday morning because my last week was quite tyring: a written assigment to hand in, a test to write and finally a presentation to hold. But I now finished all extra tasks and should concentrate on my exams. Yes, they are in less than one month. Furthermore I spend a nice night out yesterday because it was my friend's birthday.

Of course, I let you know which shoes I have bought: After hours in the store and trying even more shoes, I finally picked the dark brown leather shoes. Retrospectively I don't regret anything because they fit perfectly to me and my outfits.

Last week I told you about one interview with tricky questions and like I already guessed, I couldn't convince them. But never mind, there are other companies (another interview next week) that I actually prefer. So cross fingers!

Admittedly, I can't stay away from sweets, can you? Especially the Easter time is known for its delicious chocolat which provoques my hands even more to grab for some snack in the afternoon. In order to eat not that much of sweets - they are not body's best friend - I "created" a new snack that is healthy, cheap and delicious at once.

Cinnamon Fruit Mix

Choose from the following two or three: Apple, strawberries, oranges, raspberries, mandarins, mango, pears, bananas...
... nearly every fruit except melons and kiwis (as far as I tried)

Incredibly simple to do: Cut the fruits into little pieces, put them into a bowl and top them with a spoon of cinnamon. Finally mix everything and enjoy.
Good mixtures are: Apple & Strawberry, Orange & Raspberry
Tip: If you have frozen berries, mix them when they are still frozen. Due to the thawing process water complements the mixture and adds a special taste!

So long!

P.S. I am not at my place next weekend. Therefore I don't want to guarantee a punctual post then. Please forgive and enjoy your week!

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