Sunday, 1 April 2012

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise" by Viktor Hugo.

Another beautiful night

Sunday breakfast

After more than 11 hours in bed, I could finally catch up my sleep that I have missed for two weeks now. How relaxing! So I have just started the morning with a yummy breakfast from the bakery and tonight I'm going to meet friends at a Mexican restaurant - I need a lot more of those Sundays.

My last week's report wasn't that optimistic as I normaly am. But I also promised that this post will be better as long as my mood is in a better condition. And this is the case.

First of all I urge to tell you that I got invited to an interview: The internship I applied for would be in the lovely city of Hamburg. Because of the long distance I have the interview on skype. That is a lot more practical but also a challenge because you have to persuade your interlocuter via a screen. Now I have more than one week to prepare for "Portfolio- and Brandmanagement" - let's have some fun!

Then I started my class of choice yesterday which is "Cross Cultural Negotiations". Not only that the topic is really interesting and the class interactive, my professor is such a sympathic person whose Italian temper infects all of us. His jokes made me so much laugh that I even have aching tummy muscles today. On Wednesday we already have our examination, so I will appreciate it a lot, if you could cross fingers.

Finally, I am looking forward to one week of holidays which improves my mood a lot. And I planned a lot for those free days: After the examination, my friends and me we are going to go out to celebrate a birthday (...and the examination of course). The day after I am going to leave to France with a good friend. Her family lives in Nancy, so I am looking forward visiting the city and spending Easter with her!

Happy Easter and see you in 7 days!

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