Sunday, 15 April 2012

Good morning,

Holidays are almost over and I have the feeling that I haven't finished one thing enterily. On my desk I have a huge pile of documents to work on. At least, I had some two wonderful weeks of holiday.

Last week I posted about my trip to France, this week it will be about my time back here. My mother arrived on Monday to spend a few days with me. On Tuesday we went to town (I wasn't in shopping mood at all which is quite unusual for me), a day later we went to Tuebingen to visit the city before she went off to Stuttgart on Thursday. Unfortunately I had so many dead lines to keep to that day, making it impossible for me to come with her: I finished up sitting at my desk the whole day while sun was shining outside. Each night we went out to have dinner and I found some really nice restaurants here in town. Ask me, if you want to have some recommendations.

Friday and Saturday I spent at university because I participated in a workshop for "Problem Solving and Storylining" offered by McKinsey. Other participants were nice and the content was interesting - to sum up, more than a successful and helpful workshop.

Two interviews for my internship were also on my agenda this week: One was more like a personal phone talk to a nice woman about my personality whereas the other was a tough marketing interview. The interviewer asked some tricky questions and my answers were sometimes not that adequate. I still hope that I could convince them with my expertise but I will probably know more tomorrow. And I will keep you updated, of course.

So, back to my work! Going back to university and a challenging week is waiting for me without much time left for not university related activities.
Oh wait, I need your help: Which of the following shoes should I buy? :)


  1. Little S.,

    You are faced a real dilemma, these two kind of schoes are really nice. However, I would buy the beige ones, beige is more a sommer color than brown ;)
    But it depends on how you want to dress with these shoes !

    Your dear frenchie L.

    1. Sorry, but I took the dark ones. They fit more! But they are both beautiful, I agree!