Sunday, 29 January 2012


Dear followers,

You've probably recognized it: I changed my blog's design a little to bring some fresh air on the site. Hopefully you like it, but for now I am quite satisfied with the result. Still, I am discovering new gadgets and options on my account each time I look, so it might be that further changes will be made.

At the moment, I am back at my parents' and I have just spent a marvelous week here. My brother celebrated his birthday and offered himself the best present: He won a music competition in school and is now allowed to go to London for the next competition. Congratulations! He really played well on his bass guitar although he must have been extremely nervous - I was it, too. 

The last week was calm as I only skied a little, spent a lot of time reading books (snuggled in bed or in front of the chimney), did some shopping with my Mom and had some delicious Sushi with a friend on friday. Beside those activities, I reorganized my desk:

The new desk fits so much better into the room and I am really glad I bought it (IKEA). Personally I love all kind of boxes to organize myself and to throw things inside - all hidden in matching boxes. The old desk seemed to be overloaded, whereas the appeal of the new one lies in its simplicity and organized structure.

Today I go skiing another time. I can't believe that I have already spent one week at my parent's and that university only starts in 7 days. Actually I could need some extension...

To end today's post I want to come up with a totally different topic: I am going to spent my summer holidays in California, Colorado, Utah and Nevada with my family. We will start in Los Angeles, then driving to the Grand Canyon and to the Arches (Tuba, Moab & Cedar), followed by a stay in Las Vegas, then heading to Yosemite National Park and finishing in San Francisco. As this route is really popular we need to organize now and book hotels soon. Do have any recommandations? Any tips where to stay, where to go and what to see?

I hope, everything is going well for you.
See you next week.

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