Sunday, 15 January 2012

6 days left, 6 exams to go, 0 life.

I've to admit that I thought a long time about what I could post today.
Actually my headings tell you everything. 

Important notice:

The rest is coming this week which is why I spent the whole morning by learning "Organizational Behavior" and will continue by "Business" and "French" later.

After the exam yesterday I went to a nice restaurant in the centre where I had delicious pasta with a good friend. The atmosphere is cosy, people are nice and food is good. I love such places!

As I said, my week wasn't any kind of spectacular as I spent most of the time in university or in the library or in my room - always for studying. I'm looking forward to Saturday when we have our "End of the World" party. This year's theme is Hollywood and I have no clue what I will wear. Any ideas? I thought of going as Audrey Hepburn but I don't want to ruin my dress. Besides it is the standard disguise, such as Marilyn Monroe. I am gladful for any tips from your side.

I know that this post is not really of any interest, but next week I will be more relaxed and can tell you about how my exams went and - this is of even higher importance - how the party was!


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