Sunday, 9 March 2014

Weekend Escape

Sun Bathing

Hellohej my dears,

I am in such a good mood today! The sun is shining and birds are singing – first signs of spring I reckon?! No thick winter coat anymore but colourful flats and light pullovers are on the agenda. Well and on top of that, it is the first family reunion for more than 6 months since my brother finally came back from New Zealand (hell, his pictures want me to leave instantly!) and I decided to join them for this weekend in Geneva home. Hence, no Paris again but regarding these great couple of days I spent here, it was so worth it!

2,50 € left before taking the train. And I buy cheese and a fashion magazine for dinner. 
Home sweet home

As it is still winter, there was no objection to go skiing. I guess, this time it was really the last time for this season. Therefore, I even more enjoyed every minute and obviously cannot wait to be on the slopes again in a few months. The sun , the snow, the fresh air, the speed. It is passion. It is freedom. It is love. And it is a nice sunburn in my face that makes me look like a raccoon. "Funny" comments by colleagues are pre-programmed.

Sea of clouds.

But Geneva times doesn’t only mean skiing but also time with my friends. For instance, I am on my way to meet a former school friend in a couple of hours in order to grab my favourite lactose free hot chocolate at Starbucks and walking around Lake Geneva. When I see the stunning nature in this area, I face difficulties to take the train back to Paris. And yes, I know we talk about Paris. But before it’s time to go back, I rather head to the kitchen now in order to prepare some delicious pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. So, who is up for going to work tomorrow? I am definitely not. 

Strawberries & Pancakes = Sunday's best
All time fav: lactose free Starbucks hot chocolate

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