Sunday, 2 March 2014


La grande finale - it's Sunday!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you have a great weekend so far. Today, I want to be honest with you right away: This post has been written Friday night after an Opera representation (Puccini) since I left to Brussels, Belgium, yesterday and stay there until tonight. But at least, I won't disappoint you again with my disappearance on a Sunday morning (I know you are craving for it every week ;-))

You've probably also recognized that I haven't posted anything during the week. There is only one explication: Paris fashion week. Ok no, I am absolutely joking. Even without fashion week (or let's say: very little in my case), I had to deal with stress this week. One could say - why isn't she writing her posts in the office as she used to do? Exactly that's the problem. I had to move. It's only been two desks further, but eventually I had to give up my comfort zone near the window and had to exchange it against a spot next to the corridor. Not even I dare then to do other stuff than writing mails or filling Excel sheets.

After one year of break, I started running again and from now on I run twice a week with a friend. It's not only in order to shape my body (summer is approaching...) but I just feel so much better after an hour of running through the streets of Paris. By the way, if anyone knows a great spot to run here, let me know as I am desperately searching!
Then on Wednesday I went to the so-called "Cordonnerie", the place to be when looking for really cheap beer. Next night, we celebrated a friend's birthday with tons of savory food from all over the world: Greek, Irish, German, Italian...
And finally yesterday, I could go get a little glimpse of the on-going fashion week. After work, I straightly went to the Grand Palais where Vanessa Bruno's show took place and not only could I see some models and celebs but even more was I fascinated by the street style in front of the building. Young bloggers and fashion lovers wore newest Kenzo shirts and fancy skirts, colourful hats and high shoes - a dream for a fashion lover as I am. I continue this routine the next three days and will then post a recap of the best shows and new styles in front of the actual event.

So long, enjoy your Sunday!

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