Sunday, 16 March 2014

St. Patrick's Walk

Walking through Paris' streets

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Okay, all Irish would now say, ‘Svenja, you are one day early!’, and I am totally aware of that, but since Monday is no good day to go out, we even celebrated the Irish holiday yesterday. This is why I've just come home as I slept over at some friend’s apartment after some bar hopping at the Bastille district.

Preparation for a dinner with friends

Paris has been such a treat last week. Clouds were nowhere to be seen; I wore flats and had dinner at the border of the Seine River. It’s been a perfect spring week that continued the weekend. Therefore I yesterday went on a walk with a friend, when I bought this new blouse. I wasn't in shopping mood at all but when I entered the boutique and two extremely convincing salespersons treated me like the queen of fashion, I couldn't resist. In French I would say ‘J’ai totalement craqué pour la chemise. Poouuuf.’ It is made out of silk which is – in my opinion – the best material for hot summer days. On one hand it is a little bit 70ies but on the other hand, when I wear it open, it entirely changes its style into a more kimono alike blouse.

Blouse (Sandro Paris)
Cut Outs at the back
Outfit: Blouse (Sandro Paris) - Jeans (American Eagle Outfitters) - Slippers (Vietnamese Market) - Bag (Michael Kors) - Watch (Tissot)

Continuing my spring mood, I also bought a bouquet of flowers for my apartment (after lately having seen all the beautiful bouquets here, here and here, I just had to get some myself and couldn't believe how addicted I am now to fresh flowers!). Unfortunately, the great weather also has a negative aspect: We have extremely high pollution right now so that I couldn't even see the Eiffel Towe anymore. Consequently, the government offers public transport, electric cars and bikes for free all weekend long. Actually, I will now jump on a bike in order to get to a charity brunch for Cambodian children. Have an amazing Sunday, celebrate St. Patrick’s tomorrow or whenever you like and enjoy your week!

Flower Bouquet

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