Sunday, 25 November 2012

The heart of Europe's money

Dear readers,

Finally I can post about something interesting today: I am in Frankfurt, in the heart of Europe's money. Nowhere the Euro crisis are as present as here where the ECB has its headquarters. However I am not here to rescue Europe and especially Southern fellows, but to visit friends.
I only arrived Friday with a friend and we were so tired of last week that we went early to bed and just exchanged some news. Then yesterday it was the first time ever that I saw something else than the airport here: The Roemer, the Main Tower, etc. Well, Frankfurt is probably not the most interesting city in the world but totally fine for a weekend with friends. The night we spent meeting even more friends and hanging out in a bar. Very great indeed.
View from Main Tower
Opera House
So now, we continue our exploring tour although we are not 100% sure where it will lead us as I already leave for home at 3 PM.

The rest of the week I went having a great and cheap sushi (rather seldom in ones life) and commenced the Christmas market season when I first ambled through the small lanes. Winter and Christmas time can now come, I am totally prepared!

Let me finish by telling you that the Basketball game last week was rather boring but that I had a great time with my friend who was referee in the game. So I gladly did this sacrifice :)
Basketball with few spectators
Have a lovely week, maybe with some snow?

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  1. Sehr eindrucksvoller Blog, wirklich super schön hier! :>