Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dedicated to someone

Dear readers,

A few weeks ago I announced that I want to get rid of all the ideas that I compiled within the last months and never talked about in my blog. Here is another topic that is about the group Penso. I have already posted one song and will continue by redirecting you to their soundcloud account. Why I adore a small band like them? Easy to answer: my brother is part of them. And this is no publicity to support them, no, but I truly love their music.

Of course I will tell you about my Carnival experience in Cologne last week. Even if I couldn't find a good explanation for my - compared to all the others - lousy costume, I had a lot of fun although I don't like the event in general. We actually partied all day and I met so many nice people, though I accepted the invitation alone. You cannot imagine how crazy people become on this day: laughing, singing, drinking, a big party on the street. However I must say that I was glad that I could celebrate the event in private rooms, on the street there were too many annoying persons.
Lovely autumn outfit (from Wendy's blog)
So true (from Emily's blog)
Nevertheless I have huge problems to post about my good life here right now. I got a job promotion, went to my university to promote my company there and celebrated a birthday with fantastic friends on Friday. But my thoughts are far away. It is a personal matter as my brother struggles a heavy illness. Since he is already a very skinny person, the illness affects him stronger than thought in the beginning. Hopefully, you do understand that my thoughts are with my family.


For the week I plan to go to see the new James Bond "Skyfall". Have you already watched it and did you like it? According to the trailer I have a lot of action to expect.

P.S: And as I couldn't find any appropriate photos on my camera, I just have to redirect to some blogging colleagues that have inspired me during the week. 

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