Sunday, 4 November 2012

Back to the roots

Old barn
Dear readers, 
As promised earlier this morning, I finally come up with my weekly post.

I begin with my stay at my family on the countryside where I spent 3 wonderful relaxing days. It has been over a year that I haven't seen my grandmother, aunt, uncle and some cousins, so this November weekend was the best opportunity. My personal highlight was when I rang the bell at my grandmother's door and she opened with these astonished eyes - she wasn't expecting me at all and I am glad that she didn't get a heart attack (at least she is 85). I appreciated the free days very much and I only can be happy to have such a close relation to my family.
On the countryside where I had no mobile service, life seems to be less stressful than here in my city. And I always feel like doing a trip back in time. A hundred years ago people did the same things: they care for their animals, they knit their clothes and harvest potatoes. Of course I exaggerate slightly... but however...
Tractor track

Upside Down House
Then there was Halloween on Wednesday as well. You want to know what I did? First I wasn't up to anything, in the end I was invited at a friends and with a few other girls we had a funny night at the apartment - including white vampire make-up and some drinks.

I wish you a good start into the week and hope to see you in one week. Then with a new recipe, promised.

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