Sunday, 8 July 2012

A week full of happiness

Swiss market
Swiss house
Birthday cupcake + prosecco
Canon + H&M scarf (sale)
Poster wall
Dinner at the lake
Appearances aren't deceptive: I am now a proud owner of a Canon EOS 550D. It wouldn't be exagerated to say that I am in love with it.

Remember my list that I compiled in spring? The camera is the first accomplishment that I can tick on it. Beyond the camera, you could also find that I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a parc with lovely selfmade cupcakes, friends, family and champagne. Instead of realizing this idea, I yesterday went to Switzerland's capital to see a friend and to establish a replacing program: a small tin of prosecco, cupcakes from the cupcake store and a picknick in a parc. My original plan couldn't be fulfilled as none of my friends were here and my parents had invited me to have dinner at the lake.

I also want to make use the opportunity to thank you for all the wishes that I have recieved during the past days. All the acknowledgements made this week to a really special one, hence I figure out now who my friends are. Thank you a lot.
Still, I need to get used to the "2" in front of my age. It feels like a huge step, kind of being now are real adult.

I hope you all enjoy summer the best way as it is possible. See you next week!

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