Sunday, 15 July 2012

Always desire to do something useful (Sophocles)

Good morning,

Summer doesn't fulfill all its duties this year. Temperature fell to 13 degrees Celsius this morning and therefore everyone is complaining. To swim against the tide, I prefer fall and winter anyway which is way I am not that much touched by the conditions. Eventually I leave to the West Coast tomorrow in one week, where the weather will be more than hot. I can only hope to survive Death Valley. Having said this, I begin to pack my suitcase this week and I will document it to show you next week. Are there any indispensibles you take with you when you go on vacation?

Besides the usual work, I went out Thursday and Friday night with my colleagues. Yesterday I only came home at 5.30 am - of course I still suffer my tiredness today. We went to a club I have never been before (SIP), but I actually prefer other clubs here. However it was a night fun out, especially because we had a delicious barbecue before.

After only 3 hours of sleep yesterday, I figured out that there was s soap box derby in my little village. I only know such events from films, so I found it rather interesting to go and watch. Some soap boxes were really professional, some others really funny. Unfortunately one crashed just in front on my eyes  - that was the moment I left. Afterwards I went to the Tomatoe Festival in nearby Carouge. This district is one of my favourites here, lovely little houses and a well-tended area, perfect to have some cupcakes and a coffee.

Colourful bottles (Tomatoe Festival)
Cupcake cafe

It's been quite a while that I have decided to learn a new language. In my university it was difficult because my schedule didn't accord with the language classes and now it is impossible because I will move every 6 months. I need something consistent. In order to do so, I had a look in the internet to find some tutorials to learn Russian. Yes, that was my plan. Altough Russian is important in business world, it is a huge challenge due to the new alphabat and grammar and will therefore take a lot of time. Instead of Russian, I found a perfect page for my objectives to learn a different language: Swedish. As I can easily imagine to live there later and will now start to learn the language which resembles English and German that I already speak. I am a fan of challenges - here is the next one.

With this revelation I see you next week. Enjoy it!

P.S. I didn't cook recently, but if I do so (and this is my plan for next week) I will publish a new recipe.

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