Sunday, 29 July 2012

Episode No 1

In the desert of Arizona
Good morning,

It’s only been one week that I am in the States but I had the chance to experience tons of beautiful things during the last couple of days.

Let’s start chronologically: Well, the flight was long. It took about 20 hours as we had plenty of spare time in Montreal and were more than lucky to leave the Canadian ground due to a storm. In the end we arrived safely and picked up our spacious car.

Arrived in Los Angeles, we were welcomed by friends who showed us LA: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, Getty Museum, Santa Monica and Walk of Fame. Personally, I liked Beverly Hills the most – it has a town character with its famous Rodeo Drive. Unfortunately I didn’t cross any real celebrity, I only saw Heidi Montag from „The Hills“ and „Laguna Beach“ while driving on Sunset Boulevard. Apparently Justin Bieber, the Kardashians and Cameron Diaz live in our hosts‘ neighbourhood but we didn’t meet any of them at Starbucks.
Hollywood Sign
Venice Beach
After a short visit at the Fender Music of Arts (primarily for my brother), we went on the road and crossed the Californian desert to finally reach Lake Havasu City. It is located next tot he Colorado River and it’s temperature is always above 30 degrees Celsius, even at night. Therefore the lake is not a refreshment at all and we were lucky to have stayed there only one night.
On the road
The last two days we spent at the Grand Canyon National Park. IT. IS. PHENOMENAL. Of course, the entire site is very touristic, but the view on the colourful miracle reminds you of what nature is able to create. Yesterday we got up at 5 AM to catch the different colour shades before going on a hike to descend the canyon.  
5.30 AM - sunrise at the Grand Canyon
During the first week, I took about 200 photos, but I only show you a small selection here (It has already taken me 2 hours to upload them). So far our hotels met all our expectations, hopefully it will continue. Moreover I am tired of burgers and fries, I cannot wait to eat a fresh salad tonight in the house we rented. The more we left the coast, the fatter people became: there is only little healthy alternative.
Today, we are on our way to Moab, next to the Arches National Park crossing the Monument Valley. I see you next week with new impressions and photos. 

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