Sunday, 11 March 2012

Short week & Snow Days

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend so far.

As promised last week I want to start today's post by sharing photos I took at the biathlon championchips last sunday. It was a great day I spent next to the racetrack although I stood in the snow for more then 8 hours (yes, my feet were slightly wet at the end of the day).
One of my favourites - the French Martin Fourcade - could even win the race, probably because I supported him by cheering wildly next to the track. Unfortunately Magdalena Neuner "only" became second, otherwise the day would have been absolutely perfect - but hey, that's sports!
... by the way: Next year I'll support the athletes again! It was an experience I can only recommend if you like winter sports!

Men's competition

Women's competition
Around the track I

Around the track II

Why am I calling this post short week?
Well, I have just come back from another important event: the Bolzano Snow Days. The last three days I spent in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy with my university to ski, to party and to have a great time. Of course, the way to Italy was a long 7-hour-ride but we were heartly welcomed and started by sledging thursday night. This was so much fun! The next day I participated in a skiing competition (Third place!) before we had the day free to ski ourselves. On saturday there was a volleyball tournament and some further activities in the snow while sun was shining. The city of Bolzano is also a visit worth: we explored it saturday night, topped by eating ice cream and some pizza, before going to the party at university. Thank you Bolzano for these 3 unforgettable days!

Perfect conditions

Therefore I only spent two days in university this week which was absolutely enough! My friends and me we sweetened this week up with cooking a Tamil dish on tuesday night. On one hand it was really delicious as we used spices I have never seen, never mind tasted before, but on the other hand it was extremely spicy which is why we topped it with some cream to neutralize the hotness.

Tamil dish
Thank you a lot for reading this week's post. I am now watching the last competition of the championchips before catching up some sleep (necessary after those two weeks).


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