Sunday, 4 March 2012


Grüss Gott - is what you say in Bavaria to welcome people.
And here I am right now, soon leaving my friend's apartment to go the biathlon world championchips. I have been wanting to go to this event for 10 years and finally I realized one of my biggest wishes. (Photos will follow next week!)

Not only that I spend this weekend in Bavaria but I also see one of my best friends who I attended my last school years with. She is studying hotelling an hour away from the racetrack and it is the best opportunity to spend time with her!
On Friday we went out to go bowling with her friends. It was a nice night out although I played miserably.
Yesterday we went to nearby Salzburg, Mozart's city, and walked up to the castle, went to a nice café and strolled through the Old Town. I always wanted to visit the city as I love Mozart (you can't imagine how many "Mozartkugel" you get everywhere and how many concerts with his compositions are given) and what I have heard about the city so far. And I felt comfortable there, enclosed by the mountains and because of a nice atmosphere amongst people, buildings and shops.

During the week university kept going on, highlighted with some events such as birthdays or the "Running Dinner". My friends and me we cooked the starter and chose some salted Muffins. Sounds strange, but they were really good - we mixed bell pepper, onions, mushrooms and tomatos with pastry. Afterwards we went to some 2nd year girls to have our main dish (chicken and noodles) and finished with some pancakes later.

To finish today's post I absolutely need to share my new pullover which really brings sun into the room. Although I don't want to get up early in the morning, putting the pullover on cheers me up. It is a simple cut but combined with blue jeans and a blouse underneath, it is a perfect spring outfit.

United Colors Of Benetton - 19.95 Euro

I am now off to finally see a biathlon competition! I am so excited!
See you next week and thank you for reading!

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