Sunday, 18 March 2012


Good morning dear followers,

As I officially closed the chapter of winter last weekend, I now want to devote myself to the next one: Spring.
This week sun was shining, I could go out only wearing a simple shirt and thousands of freckles shot my face. Latter is always a sign that spring is arriving.

Another sign for spring is fashion: As soon as I can get my light trenchcoat out of my closet, I know that temperature is rising. Therefore I want to share two spring outfits that I wore during the week here (see below).

However I didn't do a lot last week because I really had to catch up some work I haven't looked at for weeks now. Although it is really hard to work while birds are singing outside, I force myself so that I can finish soon.

Even if I can't post anything interesting about the last week, I want to point out to some fashion blogs which I have quite often a look at or rather I am an active follower of.

Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of the most known blogs in the world and not really a secrecy but personally I like the way Emily writes about her life in Los Angeles. Not only her style is inspiring, but also her tips, decoration and recipies are more than interesting. Actually photos are so well taken that I sometimes must hinder myself not to eat my screen.
Recently I found Wendy's Lookbook, where Wendy shows her styles: I admit that this woman is absolutely a fashionista and knows how to deal with fashion. From time to time I try to copy some ideas which will become easier in summer because she lives in sunny Los Angeles as well.
Finally I sometimes spot at Street Peeper which collects street styles from all over the world. Obviously there are some really strange outfits among the gallery. For me street style blogs are not only a place to find some new ideas but also to laugh about styles that I wouldn't dare to go out with. More than once I admire those persons' courage!
Chinos - Zara / Bag - Primark / Blouson - Primark / Polo - UCB / Shoes - Bata / Sun glasses - Ray Ban
Skirt - H&M / Trenchcoat - Zara / Shirt - Esprit / Tights - Promod / Shoes - Vintage / Neckless - Vintage / Linen Bag

I hope you also appreciate when I publish posts like today's one. If not, please let me know :)

Enjoy the day!

P.S.: Here and now I want to thank those friends who invited me to dinner during the last week. You really can cook! Thank you for being my friends!

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