Sunday, 12 February 2012

Still Frozen

Dear followers,

Still feeling as if I lived at the Northpole. Honestly, I don't care too much because I spent a lot of time at university again. Compared to my last year's schedule, I have a lot of spare time which I mostly use to go home instead of eating in the university's restaurant. Not only that the food is unhealthy, it often isn't tasty. So I prefer going home and cook my own meals.

Two weeks ago I told you about my planned vacation to the US. I must admit, that I have already booked all the hotels and apartments which I have never done before in such an extense. During my researches I even found a really good homepage that I can only recommend:
On this page you can rent apartments and houses (as well as you can put your own offer) for a couple of days which is often less expensive than a hotel. What I personally appreciate is that you have the feeling to be a real citizen. I don't want to be recognized as tourist wherever I am, so I always try to "hide". In San Francisco and near the Grand Canyon I found nice places where I will stay with my parents and brother.
Out of boredom I had a look at different cities as well. If I have a good time in summer, I will probably rent something else when I plan vacation in future, for example in New York City or Paris. Of course I will let you know how my experience was.
I started this week with an enormous shopping haul at the nearby outlet where I was quite successful: new (tight!) skiing pants, a shirt and Nike trainers for less than 80 Euro.
The week was merely occupied by university stuff. Although my classes are really mathematical this year (mainly based on accounting stuff), I like them so far and hope I can keep up.
We also had a party where I danced until 4 am... and had classes at 7.30 a few hours later. After one hour of sleep I was suprisingly awake and could follow finance and accounting.
Last but not least Friday I invited some friends to my place to have dinner. We had smeat fondue: you put meat into hot slop and let it cook there. Before eating we mixed some sauces like a Fry Sauce and Mustard Sauce. Together we spent some hours talking, eating, drinking, watching TV and hanging out: Thank you!

See you on next Sunday! Enjoy the week and don't freeze too much :)

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