Sunday, 19 February 2012

4am - early in the morning

Don't be astonished that I write to you that early in the morning (it's about 4am). But I'm just coming back from a birthday party where I had a lot of fun. There was even a motto, called "Be what the other gender dreams of". Despite of a lot of female police officers (classic), the people thought of extremely innovative disguises, such as baby, captain, stewaredess, secretary... Although there were mainly people from higher semesters, I had a lot of fun meeting new people and talking to them. By the way I went as a mixture of pin-up and navy officer after having got my wardrobe in a mess.

Last Tuesday was Valentine's Day: I won't deny that I am no fan of this day. So far. Of course, I think that Valentine's Day is an invention owing to the flower and consumer market industry but however there was one suprise that changed my mind about this particulary day.

When I went to my combox in university (which is kind of a locker), I found a bar of chocolat with the following card:

Unfortunately there was no name written on it which is why I now can't stop thinking about who I got the nice surprise from. On one hand it could be a really good friend - one of my girls for example -, on the other hand it also could be a secret lover...? From a pessamistic point of view I even have two other options: the present wasn't supposed to be for me or someone is making fun of me.
As I believe in the good of people, I still go for one of my first suggestions. But still... where does the card come from? A good friend would probably write his/her name on the card, wouldn't he/she? But isn't it kind of childish to send Valentine's presents in university anonymous?
I have some assumptions, but I can't be sure whether they are right or not, and moreover I have no clue how to get those assumptions to be proven.
It is likely that I interpretate too much into this whole story, though I absolutely want to know where I got the card from. What is your opinion? Any ideas how I get the answer?

Another highlight this week was my brother's arrival on Wednesday. He spent a few days visiting me and following my life. I was enormously glad that he came because we  have a quite close relationship and I wanted to share a few aspects of my "new" life here. He went to classes with me, we went out together (there was another Pub Crawl) and last but not least - and the main reason why he came - he played at the graduation with my Jazz Band. Our bass player only cancelled a few days before which is why I was very proud to present my brother as a back-up. He did a really good job and even my solo on the clarinet went well while playing in front of 600 people.

I now go to bed, but next weel another recipe will follow! With this mind, good night!

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