Sunday, 4 December 2011


Good Morning my dear friends!

Yesterday I was on Germany's biggest Chocolat Market in Tuebingen - and as you can see on the pictures: It was great. The market is in the entire town and everywhere you can see pralines, hot chocolat, artifacts made out of chocolat, crêpes with chocolat, ... Perfect for me as I am a chocolat lover. I was there with a bunch of friends and together we signed in for a chocolat workshop at RitterSport. You can see the result above. My chocolat is composed of some Corn Flakes, rasperries, chocolat chips, Gummi Bears and speculoos. But it will be a present to my family, so I will tell you on Christmas how it tastes. What do you think about the packaging?

During the week there were another few birthdays (I spent all my money on presents) and still a lot of work for university. I held two presentation and thought about relaxing now but then my professors announced that we must do another two written assignments.

Do you have an Advent calendar as well? It's great to open a door each day, not only to know when Christmas is but also because I will then go back home. Anticipation! And it also means: Christmas Presents! I don't have much time this year (two exams before Christmas...), therefore I decided to buy things in the internet. Let's hope they arrive early enough. Personally, I don't have a clue, what I could wish myself. Parfum? Books? Money? Help required!

Today, despite all my work, I am going to make some Christmas Cookies. Yum! Recepies come next week.

Happy second Advent!

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