Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day before university starts

This is my first post ever.
I try to post things every sunday morning from now on. Things means events that occurred, items that inspired me, fashion I saw, people I met, recipes I tried and so on and on.

To begin I tell you that I have my first day in university tomorrow. I am rather excited as I don't know what to expect. Tonight I will already meet some fellows privately, so I get a first impression. I've to admit: Via facebook I've already checked a few profiles... we'll see whether those will be confirmed tonight.  

However there is also a Welcome Party for new students which I go to. I hope to meet some foreign students, especially french, to speak to as I really hope to keep my english and french skills. Let's cross fingers that that works out. Well, and I hope of course that I will be fit enough tomorrow. Quite dumb to organize a party before the first day in university, some reputations can suffer.

Next week I have probably more to tell: how my first week was, how university life is and how people are. See you then.

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