Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas market

Hej hej!

Remember when I told you that I am learning Swedish? And yes, I am still in it, doing lots of progress. Reading and writing works well so far whereas understanding and talking is a challenge (that I like to take though!). However, I want to point out that I baked my favourite "kanelbullar" last week. Furthermore it is Saint Lucy's Day next Thursday that has always a magical ambiance.
Frozen lake
I hope you had a wonderful week because I actually had one. It started with a Christmas dinner with university friends when we had some delicious pizza and didn't have to pay for drinks as the waiter forgot to bill them. Then I finally played tennis regulary and Friday night I relaxed in the nearby baths and sauna. That was absolutely necessary after a stressful night before: Two friends and I took part in a Business Game competition while we were still working and had to make decisions online. That was not only complicated on a communication level but it also provoked misunderstandings. Thus we missed the finals. Though, we tasted blood and are already applying for our second competition.

Before I show you lovely photos I need to point out that I got some samples from Lancôme for free that have a value of 80 Euros. A friend's friend works for L'Oréal and each employee gets an enourmous box with make.up articles for Christmas, so I made a little choice. The Essie nail polish will be tried tomorrow in the office :)
Hypnôse Drama (Lancôme) - Nail Polish (Essie) - Ombre Absolute Palette (Lancôme)
And now I don't want to hold back my photos. I yesterday spent a wonderful day in Münster, a city with a lot of warmth and charm, that I couldn't resist. It sparkled. It was icecold. It snowed. It was peaceful.
Mulled Wine
Now I am getting of to see my grandmother and celebrate the 2nd Advent with her. Unfortunately I am very tired due to a long night with mulled wine, clubbing and "Madagascar" at 4AM.

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