Sunday, 16 December 2012

142 hours

Happy Sunday!

Only 142 hours left until I am back home with my family. This year the urge to see them is bigger than ever and I am happy that I can hug them soon again and spend Christmas with them. Still I am assuming why I have this urge but I think it is because I am less stressed and distracted than last year and that I don't feel 100% comfortable in my apartment (have I told you that there are now 4 Spanish guys? A lot I feel as an outsider...). Oh, and not to forget the missing mountains and snow.
Dinner on Friday
Art: Life
My last week was relatively calm: Some tennis, a champagne tasting with a French community and a weekend with a friend. Actually it was planned to have two friends coming over, but one had unfortunately to cancel her stay on Friday night because her train had more than 5 hours delay. With my other friend I yesterday tried desperately to find a present for my dad - without success. At night we went finally to see "Skyfall" and I was very positively surprised: A lot of action combined with an interesting story made this James Bond to a really good one. Thanks to my friend who intensively convinced me in advance to see it. What was your opinion about the film?
Champagne in a typical French restaurant
Last week I told you that we couldn't make to the final of the Business Game. Well, on Wednesday we received an invitation that we will be in the final as out team ha been chosen by one of the sponsors. We were so happy about the decision that we cannot wait to show our skills in March.

I wish you a pleasant day and see you hopefully next week with more interesting content :)

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