Sunday, 6 November 2011

Party Rock Anthem

Good morning dear followers or should I say good night?

I know, I am too late. But I've just slept 13 hours because I only had a few hours of sleep in the last few days. But one thing after the other:

My week until Thursday was quite normal. There was Halloween which I didn't celebrate as I stayed at home and watched "Music and Lyrics" with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. I've watched the movie twice before and it's not getting better with the third time. But it was better than Halloween which is - in my opinion - an marketing adaption such as the Valentine's Day. It is not fitting into our European culture! Please leave those things in the USA!

My bowling experience and my Chinese food last Sunday were really successful. Not only that I won the bowling but me and my friends we had a great time!

Chinese wok

But now to this week's event: WHU Euromasters!
Schallalaaalaaaaaa, Schalllaaalalalaaaa... I've no voice anymore. We cheered, screamed, partied, did sports, we rocked the gym! For my part, we didn't win women's soccer competition, but I don't care because I made our only goal :) We gave everything, therefore I now have a bruise on my hand, a hematoma on my leg and few scratches everywhere - but it was worth it!

And we had two legendary parties. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of me as Jack Sparrow but as soon as I have one, it will be posted here! We partied in an empty pool, about 700 students from whole Europe. Euromasters, I'll come back!

To finish my today's blog: We won the Pre-Spirit-Competition and got 350 Euro. But we didn't win the Spirit competition as our rivals, the ZU, built a huge zebra and rocked the gym. Respect, this was an amazing show act! Our relay team got the trophy, our cheerleaders and our men's soccer team made 3rd places. Congrats!

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