Sunday, 20 November 2011

Grasse Matinée

Hej hej,

Guess what I am watching right now? High School Musical 3! Although this movie is supposed to be for younger kids, I like to watch it. There is nothing better than starting a Sunday morning in front of the TV without doing anything. Still, I have to work for university later on. But there is also "Sharpay's World" coming afterwards...?!

November must be the birth month. Everyone around me celebrates, so I was invited to three parties in the last three days. And there are even more coming up in my agenda. Twice we were in a Mexican bar which I really like because they have delicious cocktails for good prices. Yumm ♥

Yesterday we had a Shopping Night here and I bought a pair of red shoes for only 8 €. Next Saturday there is our Christmas Party and I will wear them together with a little black dress. I'm so looking forward!
Any ideas for a matching bracelet?

I ♥ Stockholm

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