Sunday, 18 August 2013

Change ahead

Beach time
Good morning my dears,

Tomorrow it's time again. Time again for moving. Since I consider myself as a quite experienced person on this topic (herehere, here and here), I haven't started packing yet - but will today. This time it is because my second half of my bachelor's degree begins in September. And of course, I will share all my experiences at the new place as I have done until now.

Since I have been back from Asia I spent most of the time at my family's place, enjoying the summer weather while relaxing at the lake, hiking in the mountains, trying new food recipes, shopping in the summer sale and organizing all the crazy things for my new apartment (so much to think of!). On Thursday my mother and me went out for a ladies night which consisted of "Dirty Dancing" in the open-air cinema situated at the lake and a wine tasting. What a blast with all the shrieking women glancing at Patrick Swayze's body!

Speaking of family activities, I feel very sad today: My brother leaves to New Zealand in a few hours and will stay there for the next seven months. Literally, this place is the end of the world. Yesterday we had a family night together, with home-made pizza, special cocktails and a goodbye-cake. I certainly will miss my little brother and so will my parents as now even the last of us flies the nest. Take care and enjoy this unforgettable period of your life.

Thank you very much for reading and have a great week!
Low calorie summer snack: raspberry sorbet, prunes & cookie
Turtles bathing in the sun
On the court
My brother's favourite strawberry-cream cake
Before the open-air cinema with a glass of Rosé
No better than a dancing movie at the harbour and under the stars

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