Sunday, 21 July 2013

A second shot from Portugal

Capture I
Good morning,

I have the feeling that my single post about the city of Lisbon didn't reflect all what I have experienced. Here comes the second shot!

June turned out to be the perfect month for visiting. Less tourists stroll through the city and the Lisbon people are still in town. For them the "Festas de Lisboa", taking place in exactly this month, are the traditional festivals where they meet friends, have some drinks and dance to traditional music all night long. Main places are the districts of Bica and Alfama where tourists feel like outsiders on Friday and Saturday nights. As the atmosphere was so inspiring I prepared a short video for you.

All tourist guides lead you to Cascais, a maritime village 40 minutes away from Lisbon. Instead of seeing tanned Lisbon people at the beach, you face pale (or/and red) British tourists that roast in the sun. Well, Lisbon people have better places to go.
One of them is the beach of Carcavelhos: it is only 20 minutes away from the city and full of Portuguese people on the weekends.
Why? Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean are known to be a perfect spot for surfers and you will find them here. The waves are enormously high. When we were there we were surprised by the high tide that forced us to move back three times in 5 hours because our towels got wet all the time. For bronzing in the sun this phenomena is slightly an inconvenience but for the surfers it is exactly what they want: great conditions.

(Personally I like WATCHING surfers but I wouldn't dare to stand on a board myself as I am far too afraid of the ocean)

Thank you so much for reading!
Decoration in our apartment - call for inspiration!
Harbour of Belém
Capture II
Capture III
Capture IV
Traditional Portuguese music: fado

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